What do I See or Hear Now? (#1080)

9 05 2017
  1. Morning. Another day of life..to live. Sun on the other side of the closed blinds. Open up to the new day.

2. Today I am going to try to make multiple stops. Reminder that when I am stopping and looking the entry will begin with an “F”; when I am just stopping and breathing, it will be “BrM” for breathing meditation. There is a list of abbreviations on one of the tabs above.

3. F. There is a sock on my left leg waiting for me to put it on my foot. Hmmm, is that all there is?

4. BrM.

5. At an early session in 2008, Pema spoke to me as a medieval mystic: “In Gods eye, each moment is already showing the fullness of eternity”. Pema suggested I meditate on that statement.

Pema Pera: we can try to feel that
Pema Pera: try to look with God’s eye, each moment
Pema Pera: each moment
Pema Pera: each moment
Pema Pera: without trying to understand
Pema Pera: just trying to do it

This must have been a precursor to YSBS (You see, Being Sees)

6. BrM. It has been a bit of a rough day.




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