Not Nihilism (# 1073)

30 10 2016

I wanted to follow up on one point to the last post here. The emptiness is not nothingness. In some ways it means that things can co-dependent; they can not exist on their own accord and they are impermanent.

Going back to the metaphor of clouds, a beautiful sunset is created when the sun sets in a sea of clouds. The sunset is not nothing. It is light filtering through water vapors. We can enjoy and admire the sunset. We can not hold on to the sunset. Of course, being dependent on conditions, the sunset is brief and soon goes away. We may be sad when it is over but still awed by the appearance. We might take a similar approach to any of the things named in the Heart Sutra to be empty. We can enjoy them and know they may not be what they appear and they are impertinent, even though not as short lived as the clouds. If they are dharma, or religion, or philosophical systems, they may be vehicles to get us closer to ultimate wisdom.




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