Classic Dream (# 1071)

9 10 2016
  1. Last night I had kind of a classic dream. I was driving along a highway. A number of times I drove off on to dirt roads which were ramps under construction. Each time I would carefully back down the ramp and back on to the highway. Then in crossing a bridge into New York City I missed a turn and drove up the suspension cables and found myself at the top of the tower. I only realized it when I looked down and saw the suspension cable in front of me and got very scared. I knew it was folly to try to continue ahead. I was frightened about trying to back down the cable I had come up. I became conscious it was a dream and thought of just dreaming myself into New York City. Instead I pondered the fact that a dream is just an illusion. Still the dream has left me a bit unsettled.
  2. It is a very rainy morning to remember that today is a gift and to remember to be grateful.



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