Sorting Out (# 1070)

3 10 2016

1.  A very quiet Monday morning. It is Rosh Hasanah and many people are celebrating their new year. Today is another gift that might be used to see through to my pristine mind.

***: Good morning!
Adams Rubble: Good morning. I see that you have been busy.
***: Yes, what do you think.
Adams Rubble: I see a little bit of struggling which is a good thing. It can help one break up habitual thought patterns.
***: I seem to be going in two directions at once, trying to put things together which do not fit.
Adams Rubble: You started off with an unstated goal, had you made the right decision to abandon ship many years ago when belief wavered and died.
***: Yes, I never stated that in the blog. Why did I think it was important to abandon my plans? I may have found it yesterday. If there is no anthropomorphic God, then who is making these demands, these rules. How could I continue? I then decided that I would get by my own devices but I always felt that something was missing in my life.
Adams Rubble: Yet you have followed most of the rules.
***: Hmmmm. I’ll let that pass :). So maybe this little exercise is done and I should concentrate on the mind.
Adams Rubble: No, not yet. I suggest you at least do a post on the beatitudes and another post on I Corinthians 13. You have been reminded that Paul is a complex figure. Remember that he started out suppressing Christianity before he set out for Damascus that day of his life changing vision. It would not be fair to expect him to lose all militancy. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
***: That seems a good idea. We did one on the Corinthians passage once. There is a link on the right column to the test too. In the meantime, I plan to continue with the explorations of my ordinary mind.
Adams Rubble: Remember what Pema once said. We often go around and around but each time around we struggle a bit less and see a bit more clearly. To coin another metaphor, each time the forest of habitual thoughts gets a bit thinner and we begin to see the open field of light a little better through the trees.
***: Last night I was reading how we learn fear from our mothers (or fathers). Fear is not inherent in any situation. When we are little we have no fear but see how our parents react to a situation. I find it interesting that in my first memory I do not remember feeling fear but instead remember watching my mother. I don’t think I had yet understood the concept of fear so I did not recognize her fear for our lives and for our house. I just knew something was different and interesting enough to remember all these years later. That had to be my pristine mind or almost pristine mind. I was observing without judgment.
Adams Rubble: Nice. You are fortunate in that you know what you are looking for. That is the first step. I understand many do not even believe there is such a thing as a pristine mind. You experienced it again in your vision recounted in this blog a few years ago.
***: Yes, I experienced the feeling of happiness and peace when stepping into that great white space. I did not want to leave but I suspect I was not yet ready for it. I was a bit like Moses seeing the promised land but unable to stay there.
Adams Rubble: You got there thinking about how you were connected. Love and compassion for all fellow beings.
***: That is a good place to stop this morning.

3. I got mad at the amount of truck traffic going through the town because, well, developers are doing what developers do, taking tree-covered plots and turning them into concrete constructions to make lots of money. I vowed to write angry letters to our legislators.  Interestingly, walking home, I reminded myself to be in the present, and saw my boiling anger for what it was, some ordinary thoughts. By the time I got home, I felt peaceful.




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