Playing Better Games (#1067)

29 09 2016
  1. Stepping outside to a windy, damp morning, and watching clouds moving quickly across the sky, I am reminded that each day is a gift and am grateful.
  2. Adams Rubble: Good morning!
    ***: Good morning Adams! I am sitting here with piles of clutter on both sides of me and having a hard time starting to work on my projects.
    Adams Rubble: Sometimes a cleanup is in order just as with our minds. We can not see clearly when our minds are trying to see through distractions.
    ***: Heh, I was about to say something along those lines. I could say this clutter is me and there is nothing I can do about it. Or I could quickly clean it up and get to work.
    Adams Rubble: Or we could just stop and blog, hehe.
    ***: Right on.
    Adams Rubble: We have been late blogging this week. Have you given up on your readings project? Nothing was posted Sunday.
    ***: I was not particularly inspired by the Old Testament and Gospel reading. The Gospel was another healing, similar to what has been in the readings for the past few weeks. I found the Epistle a bit confusing as a passage (Ephesians 4:17-28). Again, I have been thinking that it might be rewarding to take the individual epistles as wholes. In this reading, Paul is drawing a contrast between Christians and Gentiles; he means people following the Greek and Roman religions. I have never really understood how that functioned as a religion. Maybe like Hinduism is not one religion but many.
    Adams Rubble: I can’t help you there. I suspect it is not Paul but your other explorations that are coloring your feelings about this.
    ***: Ha! You are correct. I am coming around to the original explorations which led to this blog some years back.
    Adams Rubble: The blog has taken a cluttered approach to discovering our uncluttered mind. Sometimes, we just keep writing, trying to find the way to make sense of what can be very simple.
    ***: Yes, in some ways, it is a game of distraction. We play these games that keep us chasing our tales (not tails), and never seeing through the the tales.
    Adams Rubble: We forget the games are distractions and get lost in them. Maybe we need to learn more focused games. I guess that is what Play as being was trying to get at. But we need to relax. We have everything we need. We just need to let the distractions fall away.
    ***: That’s pretty much what I have been reading lately. We started out doing that at the beginning in this space.
    Adams Rubble: And have been distracted ever since.
    ***: Let’s work on it.
    Adams Rubble: You betcha.
  3.  Sometimes we have good intentions but are not skilled enough to carry out them.



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