Absolute vs. Relative (#1066)

22 09 2016
  1. It is a cool, bright morning (green and yellow) to remind me that this day is another gift to enjoy. Do not take it for granted!
  2. Last night, reading in the Dalai lama’s book _Dzogchen_, in a lecture in San Jose in 1979, the author noted that different Tibetan practices defined the terms “ultimate” and “conventional” truths differently. I feel better that I have not been able to grasp absolute and relative yet. I think it may be less important to try to grasp the absolute than to stop holding on to the relative so fiercely. When we begin to understand that everything is impermanent, we can begin to see the relative shifting like the sands on the seashore.
  3. It is not the phenomena that are positive and negative, but how we interpret the phenomena. For example, if a person walks into this room, we may see them as positive or negative.
  4. The Buddha said:

    The mind is devoid of mind.
    For the nature of mind is pure light.




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