Self Compassion (# 1065)

19 09 2016

Adams Rubble: Good Morning
***: Good morning.
Adams Rubble:You did not write anything yesterday.
***: I was not inspired by the readings and have been busy with other things. One of the readings was 2 Chronicles 1:7-12 in which God offers Solomon a gift as he becomes king. Solomon chooses wisdom and knowledge to rule his people effectively.
Adams Rubble: Thinking of this election, it would be a nice gift to the citizens of the country so that they choose their leaders wisely.
***: Are you familiar with the David Steinberg sermon that he gave on the old Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour? Solomon chooses wisdom and immediately realizes he should have chose riches. It is funny but in the Chronicles passage God gives Solomon riches and wealth because he chose so wisely.
Adams Rubble: People were very offended by Mr. Steinberg at the time. What about the other readings.
***. In 1 Corinthians 1:4-9, Paul tells his readers that God has given them Christ as their gift.
Adams Rubble: What an interesting juxtaposition of readings. We could talk hours about what it means to be given Christ as opposed to wisdom and knowledge. One could make a case that they are the same. What about the Gospel?
***: In Matthew 22:34-46, the Pharisees ask Christ what is the greatest commandment. The answer thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they soul, and with all thy mind. That is the first; the second: thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Adams Rubble: So all three readings are tied together but not necessary with a common theme. We can aspire to wisdom and knowledge but love and compassion are what we should be doing. How are things on your other studies?
***: Most of the past week has been on secular readings except that I learned there are exercises for self compassion.
Adams Rubble: Oh yes, this is something not very much considered in the “west”.
***: I had not thought about it, but those teaching self compassion have seen the need to point out that self compassion is not self esteem.
Adams Rubble: Ohhh, self esteem is something taught to children today. At its extreme, everyone gets a trophy.
***: Self compassion is treating oneself as one would treat ones family or friends, i.e. not beating oneself up for their failings.
Adams Rubble: …as opposed to saying there are no failings.
***: At some point we all disappoint ourselves. We carry guilt for things we did to people or things we did wrong. We would forgive or overlook most of these failings in other people. We can be much harder on ourselves.
Adams Rubble: Did you find some good exercises?
***: I found some meditations but I have not found them particularly helpful to me yet. This is reminding me that I should keep looking for something that speaks to me.
Adams Rubble: I hope you find what you need.
***: Thank you.




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