Next Day and More lists (#1059)

30 08 2016

1.Here for yet another day; remembering to be grateful.

2. ***: Hello, I wasn’t sure you would be coming.
Adams Rubble: I thought it was mandatory after one of your readings posts.
***: Well no, but it is good to see you.
Adams Rubble:The lists that Paul puts together are interesting especially when considering the Buddhist kleshas, the mental states that cloud the mind such as attachment, anger, ignorance, pride.conceit, doubt and wrong views or greed, hate, conceit, delusion, wrong views, doubt, restlessness, shamelessness or the “three main kleshas”: passion, aggression and ignorance.
***: Now that you have started to list kleshas, there also are the five poisons: ignorance, attachment, aversion, pride and envy.
Adams Rubble: Hmmm, and the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony and lust.
***: Emotions, defilements, poisons, sins, kleshas and passions, mental afflictions, and for Paul, activities of our lower nature.
Adams Rubble: I thought it was most interesting that Paul noted the laws were created to deal with these things.
***: Yes, what did you think of his antidote, i.e. living in the spirit.
Adams Rubble: That is the controversial part I think. On the ultimate level, yes, absolutely. On the relative level it takes lots and lots of work and effort. Some Christians think that you just accept Christ and everything is fixed. The Buddhists emphasize the great effort needed to get there.
***: Yes, even many lifetimes for most.
Adams Rubble: Still I thought it was interesting that your post called Paul’s exercise an empowerment. For the exercise, I would use thumb tacks to symbolically crucify my lower activities rather than post-it notes to be kind to the environment :).
***: Ha, it is a mental exercise.
Adams Rubble: : It still requires a certain mindfulness (to use a Buddhist term) to identify these “activities of our lower nature” as they arise.
***: Maybe that is what the confession of sins does in the liturgy every Sunday.
Adams Rubble: OK, but that is once a week.
***: Daily prayer?
Adams Rubble: I guess we are getting closer. There also are the 9 seconds every fifteen minutes 🙂
***: I think that was after Paul’s time.
Adams Rubble: Yes, and all of us forget to do it without an alarm bell. That brings us to meditation; maybe you can try Paul’s empowerment the next time you meditate.
***: OK, now for something to remind me to meditate more often.
Adams Rubble: You need more discipline my friend :).
***: Yes, I guess I do. Time to go off to my other activities. Bye for now.
Adams Rubble: Bye. See you soon for our next installment..




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