Rubble Rhymes with Trouble (# 1056)

19 08 2016

***: Good morning!
Adams Rubble: What kind of title is that today?
***: Heh heh.
Adams Rubble: I do have three suggestions and/or questions for you.
***: I am all ears
Adams Rubble: First you should look at other translations of that verse from Hebrews about the “all-consuming” God.  But also what does this mean on a deeper level? If God soaks in all our worship, does He/She feel all of our pain as well? Is this related to our being interconnected with out universe. Substitute the word Being for God. Is this in any way related to karma? Our actions have repercussions with the world around us. When we do kindness, someone else may do kindness. When we get angry with someone, the anger may spread from that person to another. It is one way that Being is all-consuming. Do you see what I am saying? Use the skills you learned in poetry course to do a critical reading.
***: Hmmm, yes. What else?
Adams Rubble: Secondly, have you looked into whether is there is a general theme in the season of Pentecost. Is this the same as what they used to call Trinity?
***: No, I had not thought of that. I wonder how I would go about that?
Adams Rubble: Finally, maybe you should look at the readings from other Christian groups/denominations. If there is a theme for the season, do they share the theme? If you continue with this, you may even see a theme.
***: Well, that would be interesting to know.
Adams Rubble: If you continue with titles like the one at the top of the page, you may learn something about trouble, buster.
***: OK, OK, I was just being cute. You have to admit it is true that Rubble and trouble do rhyme.
Adams Rubble: Bye for now, you have work to do.
***: My Friday chores. Bye Adams!


  1. The sun is filtering through the trees as a reminder of another gift of a new day. How fortunate I am to have had so many now.

2. Hebrews 12:27-29 in Phillips Version:

27-29 This means that in this final “shaking” all that is impermanent will be removed, that is, everything that is merely “made”, and only the unshakeable things will remain. Since then we have been given a kingdom that is “unshakeable”, let us serve God with thankfulness in the ways which please him, but always with reverence and holy fear. For it is perfectly true that our ‘God is a burning fire’.

In the New English Bible the last verse is :”For our God is indeed a devouring fire.”

In the Good News Bible God is a “destroying fire”.

Importantly in the Complete Jewish Bible “God is a consuming fire”. It mentions Deuteromy 4:24″ “24 For Adonai your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.” and Isaiah 34:15:

The sinners in Tziyon are frightened;
trembling has seized the ungodly.
“Who of us can live with the devouring fire?
Who of us can live with eternal burning?”

Well that is the answer to one of the questions. “Consuming Fire” is used in most of the editions.




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