Tara the Liberator (# 1050)

1 08 2016

1. I went to meditation at Hikari today. Moon is doing some interesting things there.

2. As promised (two days ago), an interpretation of the Green Tara mantra. Thubten Chodron gives three interpretations of the mantra in his book _How to Free Your Mind_, subtitled “The Practice of Tara the Liberator”, pp. 37-38. I found the third intrepretation most meaningful for me:

Tara means liberation from cyclic existence or true suffering (ignorance) (first of four noble truths)
Tuttare liberates from the eight dangers (causes of suffering; afflictions such as anger)(second of four noble truths)
Ture liberates from disease (obsessions of the mind)(third noble truth)
Soha means “may this come about”

I’d like to think of soha as “amen” then.




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