Meeting (# 1044)

7 04 2016

***: Hello, are you there?
Adams Rubble: Yes, what is it?
***: I have had you closed off
Adams Rubble: Yes, I know
***: I need to do something about it.
Adams Rubble: That would be welcomed. I know what is on your mind.
***: Good, I need some help to look at this differently.
Adams Rubble: One issue is that there are many ways to go about this and you have not decided on one method. I can not advise you on that but I can join in.
***: I guess that makes sense. I may be committing to more than one way. I wonder if that would be OK as long as each gets more attention than it is getting now.
Adams Rubble: Something may emerge from your efforts that would help you decide which is/are helping.
***: You need to do more blogging.
Adams Rubble: Yes you/we do. Have you considered reading this blog?
***: You have been prolific; it may be like reading a telephone book.
Adams Rubble: Do they still make those things? Are you crazy in the head? I think it would be far more interesting reading this blog than a telephone book, at least most of the time. You need to stop making excuses and get working. No more excuses!
***: I will try. Bye for now
Adams Rubble: Bye.




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