Africa (# 1040)

28 10 2015

1. I had a long, changing dream last night and a few words will only try to capture the spirit. I was attending a panel discussion on Africa; I was not in the audience but had an intimate view. I don’t think I was ever on the panel. There were three or four people on the panel. All but one of the panel members began discussing how they were decorating their houses with African art objects and African motifs. There was a general consensus that this was somehow helping people by raising consciousness. There also was some polite competition about whose was best. The other person on the panel was very quiet. This person tended toward being shy. Finally near the end of the discussion it was noticed this person had not spoken. The other panel members turned to her and said she should have a chance. The person began that she was raised in Africa and this kind of discussion never would have taken place there. People were not judged by their possessions but what a person was inside. The wealth of a person is not in things.

This is a dream, and her statements should not be taken literally. It is a message to me for a writing project I need to do.

From # 1039, something I was supposed to remember:

2. TGT. I am alive. I breathe.

3. Gr. I am being aware of the precious things in this life.

4. Life is meant to be joyful, free from illusions and disillusions.

5. If my life is important, why not others.




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