Ignorance (# 1026)

25 05 2015

1. I went to a used book sale last week and I am reading a number of books concurrently. I can’t help myself. I seem to have a short attention span these days. one of the books I am reading is the Dalai Lama’s “Mind in Comfort and Ease”, a series of lectures to 10,000 French listeners. He defines ignorance as not only what we do not know, but the things we do know which are false.

Of course these are the things we need to root out and drop.We often can see the false knowledge in others; it is so hard to see it in ourselves. of course, getting ourselves out of our comfort zone and looking from a different angle can help. It is good to remember that.

2. TGT. It has been a lovely couple of days. Remembering that every day is a gift.

3. Gr. Thank you




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