Evening Reflection (# 1022)

22 04 2015

1. TGT. A sunny day to enjoy the early flowers. It is enough…

2. Gr. Yes!

3. My professional life has about a month to go. Things are starting to get wrapped up with many more to go. I am finding myself a little lost in the evenings after supper. I don’t have anything I absolutely have to do but I feel like I should be getting something done. I can see I will want to develop a little bit of a routine once work is done.

4. Last night I read the story of Judith and Holofernes for the first time. I knew the story but had not read the text. The imagery of the major paintings has been rattling around the back of my mind all day.

5. I see the Buddhist concept of cyclical existence a metaphor for habitual behavior we engage in. Only through awareness can we break out of the seemingly endless cycle of behavior that causes us unhappiness and suffering. Sometimes it can be something we believe to be “truth” that we picked up sometime in the past that would not pass close examination if looked at with a clear mind. It may be a prejudice against something or someone. It may be behavior toward the opposite gender. It may be desire. We do not have to break these down all at once but it is good to knock one or more down as we are able.

6. The Buddhists call these mental afflictions Kleshas. Desire and hatred are the chief afflictions. Hmm. That fits the above in number 5.

7. The Dalai Lama in his 1975 Buddhism of Tibet book uses the term Tantrayana for Vajrahana. Looking up the term in Google I see that Mantrayana is another term.




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