Teacher (# 1020)

15 04 2015

1. TGT. A beautiful Spring morning with daffadils and blue flowers greeting me as I left the house. It is enough…

2. gr. yes.


Adams Rubble: Good morning
***: Good morning. I know why you are here
Adams Rubble: yes, your dream this morning
***: Yes, there is a bit too it. last night I was reading an introduction to a book on Milarepa. A few thoughts stuck with me. One is the importance of myth to our understanding of our “journey” on this earth. The second was a discussion of the importance of a teacher. As you know this has been high on my list of things that need some thought.
Adams Rubble: Yes, the short but brief teachings of a reluctant teacher.
***: Yes, the person introducing the book, I will have to get that into the log at some point, talked about the importance but also that the student not get dependent on the teacher. he talked about three lamas: 1) the outer lama or teacher, of course; 2) the inner lama that understands and applies the teachings; and 3) the inmost lama where the innate “Buddha nature” resides.
Adams Rubble: You went to sleep on that?
***: Yes. The dream started in the church of my childhood where we were gathering for some event. It was never clear what event. The location changed into a bigger auditorium. I began to recognize friends from college; they had not changed at all. Of course the reunions were warm. It then switched to the downstairs of the childhood church where tables had been set up. We moved around tables talking to various friends. they were asking about you and other things that had happened in Second Life. The conversations were short as all the people had other people to talk to and the event did not last long.
Adams Rubble: College students asking about Second Life in your childhood church. Sounds suggestive.
***: I was never a good student in college but it reinforced a feeling that education was a key to the journey.
Adams Rubble: “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff” was not a clue?
***: Ha, yes that one perplexed me a little. As I moved through the next years, I also knew that I had lost some spiritual essence. In any case, most of my education since college has been self exploration and learning.
Adams Rubble: What about graduate school?
***: Oh yes, and that. hmmm. that messes up my conclusion that I am ready to go it without a teacher 🙂
Adams Rubble: Sorry about that. Maybe the answer is a little more nuanced. It sounds like you hit a chord though and are on the way to determining what is important to you to pursue. Well I know you have lots to do so I will bug off.
***: Thanks, bye for now.

4. Much later at end of day. The book mentioned above is the Life of Milarepa translated by Lobsang P. Lhalungpa who also wrote the introduction.

5. Study must be mixed with practice AND experience…direct experience and self observation. Hmmm. I had learned that, hadn’t I.




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