Pondering (# 1018)

9 04 2015

1. Yesterday I read an article a geologist who thinks a tomb contains the body of Christ, his wife Mary Magdalen and son Judah. My first thought was that Jesus was a carpenter of humble birth and this seemed a grand tomb. The second was that at one time I might have found this disturbing. Now this would not matter because I do not think the resurrection is central to Christianity. What? you say! Isn’t the believe in the resurrection what makes one a Christian? For me it was at one time. Now I am more focused on the teachings of Christ and those who followed him, like Paul.

I also read a passage from the Dalai Lama who in 1972, in defense of religion, noted that we are descended from the semen of our father and the blood of our mother. I found this curious and was thinking it seemed to shortchange women. But that was unimportant. The Dali Lama was defending religion in general and advocating closer ties and less friction. He talked about how much better it is to explore spirituality than other things. It struck me  that this was relevant to the quest for Christ’s tomb. Not only would this not provide lasting satisfaction but it had the potential to be quite divisive.

2. TGT. Yes, it is enough…

3. Gr. Yes.




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