Saturday (# 1013)

29 03 2015

1. TGT. It was nice to get back out into the woods today. I am tired though and I am having trouble getting focused on the work I have to do today.

2. Gr. Yes!

3. Article on “Heart’s Intention”

Setting intentions is not in the future but in the present…”being” in the present moment”

“The less judgment you have toward yourself about your own mixed motives, the more clearly you can see how they cause suffering. This insight is what releases the dark motives and allows room for bright ones.”

4. Words are tricky; they can mean one thing at one time, and another at a different time. Still working at understanding the though behind the words can pay off. In my case, looking back at my own examples, I can see my intentions or skills were not such that would have provided a successful outcome. Intention appears to be more of an ongoing process.

5. Synonyms for good intentions: generosity, compassion, affection, altruism, benevolence, cordiality, courtesy, decency, forbearance, gentleness, good will, goodness, grace, graciousness, hospitality, humanity, patience, solicitude, sweetness, sympathy, tenderness, tolerance, understanding, unselfishness, amiability, beneficence, charity, clemency, consideration, delicacy, heart, helpfulness, indulgence, kindliness, magnanimity, mildness, philanthropy, serviceability, solicitousness, tact, thoughtfulness, fellow feeling

6. Antonyms for good intention: Animosity, hatred, hostility, ill will, indecency, indifference, intolerance, meanness, mercilessness, selfishness, thoughtlessness, barbarousness, cruelty, harshness

7. “Hell is paved with good intentions.”  – Samuel Johnson (there are lots of quotes about good intentions gone bad)

8. The quotes about intentions going bad has much to do with good intentions combined with paternalism. see: To Hell with Good Intentions by Monsignor Ivan Illich

9. Dappy, Good Intention from Album Bad Intention        Lyrics

10. Toad the Wet Sprocket, Good Intentions    Lyrics




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