This Morning (# 1010)

25 03 2015

1. TGT. This morning the clouds in the west were like a mountain range in the distance. I began to think it must be pretty grand to live on the south side of a group of mountains. One would get all the sun and the mountains would break up the north wind…or would it? In any case, I began the day thinking of what would happen today. Now the day is near gone and I am tired.

2. Gr. Yes!

3. Pema Chodron suggested we should ask “I wonder what will happen today?” and carry that through the rest of the day.

4. Getting interested in Pema Chodron’s “hooked” (shenpa). Reacting to environmental issues and not being able to let go. In fact we might escalate. Work with little scenes. Putting up with little cares, we train ourselves to work with adversity. Notice that we are hooked and not escalate.

5. Something delicious about finding fault which can include finding fault with oneself.

6. Shantideva “We shrink from suffering but love its causes”

Listening to Steven Tainer’s Wednesday Meditation of 3/18/2015 (

7. Steven Tainer makes the point that it is not the body that does virtuous action or makes us happy but the mind. As an example it can be a beautiful day and we can still be unhappy.

8. Buddhist practice is the implementation of the view; you study the view and then implement it. (Tainer)

9. Virtual practice leads to happiness.

10. Look at your intentions (are they selfish?).

11. Over time, have to be willing to change as one moves along. If an intention is authentic, we will begin to see it.

12. Is this a generous mind?




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