Intentions (#1011)

25 03 2015

1. TGT. It is enough

2. gr. yes!

3. I began thinking about intentions last night. I woke up thinking more about intentions. I continued the thoughts on the way to work. I am in a period where things I have been doing are beginning to fall away. A few things will go in the next few weeks. I am remaining steadfast against adding anything or even continuing things that have become ungrounded temporarily. Hmmm, I have not thought about my intentions for doing that :).

Good intentions in Buddhist terms are those that do not cause suffering, either in myself or in other sentient beings. We might also consider that good intentions might lead to happiness or fulfillment but in ultimate terms they could be considered selfish.

I realize that one of the things I have taken on in the past two years has been very disappointing. Looking back I can see some selfish intentions for taking that on. I will need to remember that as I move forward.

4. F. Just a stop after the first hour of work to look and see what is happening to me.

5. F. Another stop around noon. I learned some interesting things this morning.

6. F. I had ground to a halt. Time to regroup for the rest of the afternoon?




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