Dealing with Routine (# 1009)

22 03 2015

1. “This is what fascinates me about you Buddhists” – Bill Moyers (An interview with Pema Chodron).

“It is not the things that happen to us in our lives that make us suffer but how we react to them” – Pema Chodron.

2. TGT. Returned yesterday afternoon from two visits with families and some exploring without complete connection to the internet. Thus I almost completely dropped my routine for a few days.

3. I forgot to get to the title. The trick for the next week or two is to consider how I can keep from getting dragged back completely into the routine. I am almost afraid to start preparing for the class on Tuesday.

4. I had not listened to the whole Pema Chodron interview when I posted the link above. As I am listening now, Pema recounted the Shantideva analogy of covering the whole world with leather as opposed to covering just our feet. The analogy is to our minds, and we need to work on our minds rather than trying to change everything that is bothering us.




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