Cleaning Up (#1002)

13 11 2014

1. TGT. This morning while carrying things down from the storage area I thought of my grandfather who died while cleaning out his barn, preparing it for demolition. He had worked that farm for almost the same number of years that I worked in this collection. Funny thing about time. Growing it up it seemed like he had always been there. I think I always thought that his state of mind brought on his death. I think my grandmother may have felt a little guilt about it. Now I can see it would be wrong to assume that. If we have a job to do, we just dig in and do it. It is possible he just over-worked himself on what must have been a very daunting task. Still I suspect he knew it is enough to be alive.

2. This is the last day before a pesky cold front engulfs our area.

3. gr.




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