Have What We Need (#1001)

10 11 2014

1. In one of the logs, Catrinamonblue quoted pema from an earlier log (log within a log):

Pema Pera: a major idea behind the pauses is that our model of always trying to reach for something is wrong; that we already have what we need, if we only stop to look.

This is an interesting observation and I think I want to spend some time seeing whether and how this might develop in me. It is another way to talk about desire.

2. TGT. A beautiful morning for a walk with the fall foliage there in every direction one looks. It is a reminder that it is enough to be alive.

3. gr. For another day.

4. F. First stop. Very busy. There is a desire to have a productive day. Does that translate into something being wrong? Not yet but it could as it the day goes on and production is less than desired.

5. F. Bell already. I may have trouble keeping up with the bell. Reminding myself that I have everything I need.

6. F. I am late for a stop.

7. F. A little late for the bell again. Hard to stop when one is finishing something up.

8. F. This was the third bell I heard and I missed others completely. On the other hand I am getting things done but not feeling well.

9. F. Oh yes, I should stop. Heard a bell earlier and worked through it. When I am working hard, it is a kind of stopping I guess. This is not a time when I am likely to look for things to be dissatisfied about.




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