WHO IS Impatient? (# 997)

13 10 2014

1. As I was lying on the slab during my treatment this morning, listening to the imagined winds and the waves of the machine (see #994), I began to think about that the past five years had helped me to prepare for this. Part of it was coming to grips with the fear of death, or is it the reluctance to let go of things. I have been mostly calm and accepting of these new routines in my life. As I kicked that around in the few minutes there, I settled on “calmness”, i.e patience as a key approach I had learned. Then I remembered the koan that Pema had given me five years ago “WHO IS impatient?” I haven’t thought about that for some time and there seems to be some resolution or that I have moved past anxieties about it. Is that wu wei? Without doing anything I seem to be becoming more patient about big things. Now for those little things.

2. TGT. I have been walking due to an inability to ride the bicycle and enjoying how different every walk seems to be. One opens the door and walks out into something different. Moment by moment there are changes. Time to remember that it is enough to be alive.

3. Gr. yes!





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