Into the Weekend (# 992)

21 09 2014

1. With so much going on I am having trouble getting entries started. I have been setting the alarm clock to make it to work in time to walk for my treatments. By the time I get back to work, it is time to dig in. The evenings have been filled with a PBS series on the Roosevelts. In the meantime I am prepping for Spring course. I am getting some meditation done during the treatments and we have had sessions most evenings. I am not reading anything from traditions. What reading I am doing is from the Shanameh waiting for treatments and reading for the Spring course in the evenings.

A nice walk in the woods this morning and then some reading. After a rest did the Sunday morning cleaning because we are going out tomorrow morning. Now that I have started maybe it will inspire to check back on myself.

2. TGT. I was remembering it is enough to be alive on the walk this morning, enjoying the sunshine on the meadow and conscious of all the flowers living their short lives.

3. Gr. Yes!




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