Hydra (# 993)

21 09 2014

1. A dream last night. I was ill. Apparently the problem was that I was under the control of a hydra with seven sets of seven heads. I was told to cut off one head of each of the seven sets and that I would be OK. I misheard and cut off all of the heads. I was cured of the malady but was feeling very weak. I went back and was told that because I had cut off all the heads that I was no longer a god but now mortal. Hmmm. It sounds a bit like an allegory of work. In addition there were suitcases involved but it may have been morphing into a second dream. We were packing up. I was retrieving suitcases from a storage area but I could not find the key to one of the areas. I needed to wait for someone who had been summoned to open it up. There were some specific items being packed but I do not recall them now.

2. TGT. Yes, another day to be alive. A change to the routine this morning. I hope it goes well.

3. Gr.




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