Change of Weather (#991)

15 09 2014

1. It has been a few days since the last post.  Since then the weather has shifted about 10 degrees cooler. The temperatures will fluctuate for the next week but obviously this is a trend as fall approaches. The break in writing was caused by attention to work and projects. My readings have been preparation for the Spring course which I have enjoyed but not the kind of thing I usually blog about. After treatment on Wednesday morning I will have completed one quarter of the treatments. It was hard to get up for it this morning.

2. TGT. It is enough to be alive and don;t forget it.

3. Gr. Yes.

4. F. I made some progress since last stop. On this stop I can see my mind wanting to go in a few directions. I am going to let it go off on one important side trip and try to come back next stop.

5. A longer side trip but a very productive one. I am working on a topic about Byzantine churches in Constantinople which i worked on in the 1970s. It is a wonderful example of how much is now available through the internet. But now for tomorrow’s course. Vaminos (the one thing I remember from my five minute university Spanish class).

6. F. It’s getting later and I have not been able to stay focused.

7. I have not recounted my dream last night. I was facing a comprehensive exam in German painting, a topic in which I not well versed to put it mildly. We kept traveling around to various places. At one point, one of faculty showed slides on some paintings that were kind of romantic but had elements from late nineteenth and early twentieth century. There was not time to discuss them at that point; it was something I would have to do later. At another point we stopped to invite one of aunts and uncles to the exam. They were following in a car (it was a dark night) and we lost them on the way. The driver had made no attempt to check on them. I was really sweating it out wondering how I was going to be able to BS my way through this when the alarm clock went off. I had set it last night because I have to get up earlier for my treatments.




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