Change of Schedule (# 987)

8 09 2014

1. TGT. I feel very sore and there was a surprising amount of traffic this morning for the ride in. It is a nice coolish morning as I begin a new schedule and remember it is enough to be alive.

2. gr. yes!

3. I had an interesting dream this morning. The street on which I lived for the first 12 years of my life had become somewhat of a tourist attraction. Someone was renting out houses for overnight stays. I was trying to rent the house in which I was raised but it was not clear whether that would be available. For some reason there was much discussion. There was an Asian couple who had arrived at the rent office about the same time as us and there was lots of discussion going on and I was a bit of a celebrity for having lived there. I remember someone being surprised that I could remembe that far back.

This dream followed some type of archaeology dream of much earlier times but I have lost that one.

4. Back at the desk by 8:35. The walk was beautiful both ways; on the way to golden sunshine on the buildings; on the walk back a plethora of very small clouds lit by the sun.

5. There are two sounds. One is a metallic breathing sound like one is lying in the belly of a great beast. The other is like a sound of an electric can opener.

6. F. Back to Divna’s Communion hymn to pause before beginning work.

7. BrM. This will be an issue. I spent all my effort this morning getting to my appointment and done organizing my work day. I really do not have a plan. This will be an adjustment that needs to be made.

8. BrM. Wow, just as I tried to get started I had a computer issue and my appointment cancelled. Time for a brief rest and a new start.

9. BrM. I am still missing my center, and I feel a little like I have landed in another dimension, but I have found a way to be somewhat productive today.

10. F. My mind is just starting to drift away from tasks so good time to stop.

11. F. Much later. I guess I can call this a very successful day compared ton where I was at earlier. Still I did not get ready for tomorrow yet. Hmmm. Maybe I can do that after this stop or the next.

12. F. Starting to prepare for tomorrow now





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