Weary (# 985)

3 09 2014

1. I am stopping now because suddenly I ceased being productive. I am feeling very tired all of a sudden with a slight headache. I wonder how much is stress facing my first of daily procedures.

2. TGT. Remembering it is enough to be alive.

3. gr.

4. Reading more of the Bhagavadgita, he emphasizes getting rid of lust and anger…doing so makes ones a happy person.

5. “…he who has brought his senses, mind and intellect under control, –such a contemplative soul intent on liberation and free from desire, fear and anger, is ever liberated.”

6. The author suggests looking at friends, relatives, well-wishers, etc. with the same eye as objects of hatred and the sinful.

7. F. I need to find a calm place.




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