Sunday Afternoon (# 977)

18 08 2014

1. I had a number of crazy dreams last night. On waking I realized I am thinking about the semester coming up and what happens at the end of my senior year when I graduate into retirement. In my dreams I was contemplating going back to school but on waking I realized I was much further along than I actually am. It would be quite an undertaking and I think I need to lighten up rather than put myself under a yoke.

2. TGT. Beautiful afternoon for a walk along the canal. I walked much further than I planned and worried a little about the return trip but it worked out. I seem no worse for the wear so far. It is enough to be alive. Yes.

3. Gr. Yes again.

4. I have started reading the Shahnameh by Firdawsi. Last night I read the story of Zal and Rudabeh who let down her hair for Zal to climb the ramparts. Zal was too much the gentleman and used a lariat instead. Zal and Rudabeh are the parents of Rostem. Zal was born with white hair and was raised by a large bird in a nest with her other chicks.




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