No Respecter of Persons (# 973)

2 08 2014

1. “God is no respecter of persons. He has an impartial love for all his creatures” – Johann Arndt “Wahren Christtenhuim” (True Christianity).

While he was writing against the idea that God did not like certain people and preferred others, this is close to being another way of discussing “no self”.

2. Yesterday I wrote about death but I had many other feelings resulting from the recent two day trip. It does pay to travel to loosen up one’s thinking. I have not been able to organize my thoughts into anything coherent which might not be a bad thing at all. I know that I touched something spiritual while at Ephrata Cloister that may be more more of an acceptance for the beliefs of others even though I disagree. The trip has made me curious about a number of things and I want to read about them. There always is something new to learn.




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