Life and Death (# 972)

2 08 2014

1. It is enough to be alive.

2. In the last two days I have had two close encounters with death. The first was passing the scene of a horrific accident. The police were just covering the body of a woman thrown from a car when we drove past. She had not been wearing her seat belt.

This morning I was on my bike. I was third in line at a red light. When the light turned green the two cars moved through the intersection. I started a little slowly and so I had not quite entered the intersection when a speeding pickup truck blew through the red light a few feet from the front of my bicycle. I would have not survived if I had started a little more quickly.

Now that I think of it there was a third incident. I was walking across a covered bridge when a truck coming the opposite direction changed lanes and was speeding toward me. I backed up against the bridge and he changed direction at the last moment. That one scared me the most because it appeared he was aiming at me. Maybe he was and wanted to scare me. He did!





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