End of Day (# 1106)

23 03 2018

1.R – Near the end of my activity for today but not to late to remember to be grateful for another day on this earth. The snowstorm ended early this morning and the sun came out very strong today. Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. We have survived another winter.

2.R – I have tried to remember to practice playing as a loving person today. I have had some big lapses. Best not to beat myself up.


Snowy Day (# 1105)

22 03 2018

1.R – I have not forgotten my intent to Play as being a loving being. So far it has been misunderstood I think.

2.R – I spent a little time looking into the First Epistle of John. The three are sometimes referred to as the Johannine Epistles and a quick check on Amazon shows a number of books on these three epistles: commentaries and theology. The writer was at least from the same circle as the writer of the Gospel of John. Both were written probably at the beginning of the second century. There are some issues with the second and third epistles. The second may have been included with the first. Because of the connections to the Gospel of John, 1 John was accepted pretty early as part of the canon. First John was written at a time when the young church was doing well but there seem to have been strong personalities emerging and, reading between the lines, jealousies and cliques. 1 John 4 seems to have been written toward doing something about this. If you love God, you must love your fellow men as well. That is the background.

3.Gr – It is late afternoon but not to late to be thankful for another day to be alive and for all the blessings descending on me.

Playing as Loving (# 1104)

21 03 2018

1.R – Sitting down I began to think I was way off base when I discussed the concept of Love in John 4: 7-12. I have been talking about this as if it was the Gospel of John. However every time I looked at the Gospel I could not find the passage. I would search “God is Love” and there it was again. Tonight I noticed that the passage was in the First Epistle of John and not the Gospel. I need to start all over on this. Love, in fact, is used as a noun in the passage. I want to delve a bit deeper into this and tonight is not the time. I know almost nothing about the John epistles.

2.R – This morning at Play as Being we thought about Playing as being loving human beings as a useful exercise. Hmmm, maybe a new abbreviation…PaLHB. We’ll see. In the meantime I am at the end of another day alive on this earth and it is not too late to appreciate it. I can also play as a grateful human being.


Using my Tools VI (# 1103)

18 03 2018

1.FO – This is close to Tonglen but can be done without the love. I have some meetings coming up this week. I want to be focused on group goals and not my own agendas. The first is in a couple of hours. I want to be supportive.

FO – Focusing Outward. In this meditation I want to focus more on others. When at work it will focus on what I am doing and whether it is the most useful thing to be doing.

2.R – Looking through the abbreviations list, the remaining tools seem to be specialized and a bit dated in that they were practices of a time and place. This may be my last Tools theme today. It was good to be reminded of the variations I had used in my daily practice during the early months and years of this blog. It gives me some ideas though.

3.IIETBA – This was my first thought on waking this morning along with the thought that today is another day to be alive.

Using my Tools V (# 1102)

17 03 2018

1.SE – This abbreviation is a stretch but I am seeing my dreams. For the past month or more I have had disturbing dreams in that they are focused on me messing up or times when I have messed up. At least three things are going on. I have lost confidence in my practice or at least equilibrium. I have reaching out in different directions but have not put the work in to focus clearly on that. One thing is that I am going over my early spiritual practices again looking for something. So that gets me into the past. The second thing is that I have been reading two books by bell hooks. One is All About Love. She has read and thought much about the subject and the book draws upon many such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Erich Fromm, Gandhi, Buddha and Jesus. In the beginning she talked much about self-love. My dreams about all the things I do to mess up would suggest I am struggling with that. The third just occurred to me this morning. Last night I was reminded of a race in which people with a certain advantage got to step forward before the race began. Examples are a two-parent home, parents not having to work weekends to support the family, college education, student loans, etc. etc. There are a number of videos on the subject. This one is  by the African American Policy Forum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX_Vzl-r8NY. This morning I thought about the times when I did things or was in a situation that might have resulted in an arrest and conviction had I been a person of color. I was given the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I was stopped for a broken taillight, given a warning, and sent on my way. I was stopped numerous times for being out after curfew as a teenager coming home from an event. I will spare other details of when I was more at fault than that. So three possibilities; I’ve got some work to do.

SE -Seeing is Enough

2. STL – I forgot the dream I partly remember from last night. I was going around seeking advice on how to be organized from people including the first pastor I had as a child and Bill Clinton. I think that I must be feeling things are our of whack if I am getting advice about being organized. Let’s get some focus here.

STL – Same thinking process as last time

3.Gr – So many things to be grateful for. Even though the day is half over I can appreciate that I have been given a gift of another day of life.

4.NN – Here I sit with a keyboard at my fingertips and a mouse close at hand. I can be mindful about it.

NN – Nothing now

Using my Tools IV (# 1101)

16 03 2018

1.GrM – Taking a break from my Friday morning chores to take time to note that I am alive on earth for another day and grateful for all the blessings that have come my way. In a semi-vision I feel love reflecting outwards to my loved ones scattered here and there this morning. From there I send it to my neighbors. With some effort, it goes out to my country and then past to the entire world. I picture it going around the globe, from north to south and then meeting again. Hmmm, not a bad start to the day. Now, back to the vacuum cleaner. Maybe I can imagine I am sucking up my own negative energy.

2.R – End of evening (with apologies to EAP)

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a typing,
As of some one gently griping, griping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some vision,” I muttered, “typing at my chamber door—
            Only this and nothing more.”

Using my Tools III (# 1100)

15 03 2018

1.R – My newest addition to the abbreviations, “reflections”. I have tried to make sense of where I was headed in yesterday’s posts but have not been able to focus on them. It is easy to fall back into picturing the loving God or the wrathful God that we were taught about growing up. We feel miserable but there is a loving God there if we only turn to him/her. To contemplate the idea that “God is Love”, this harder to grasp. In any case, it renders my tool, APAPG, meaningless if Love is a verb and not a noun. We just need to take this word and love with it.

2.GrM. This is a good way to start ones day, another day on this wonderful planet.

3.BrM – My mind tells me it is not in the mood to focus.

BrM – Breath Meditation. In a 9 second break I take ten deep breaths and then pause and let my mind focus where it will

4.NNT – That’s it.

NTT – Nothing this time

5.WT – My thoughts are two fold; using the abbreviations and a trip thru busy  traffic to a “No Hate Town Hall” meeting tomorrow.

WT – Watching Thoughts exercise/meditation usually done with eyes closed…trying to watch them come and then go